The 12x12 inch visor sheet is enough material for two visors in most standard Mandalorian helmets and is available in all 26 colors pictured in the above charts. It will also fit the "Assassin" style helmet from NME Props. Price starts at $25.


The 8.5x11 inch visor sheet is enough material for one visor and is available in all 26 colors picured in the above charts. Price starts at $15.


*Eggplant and Neon are now retired.



Use the following coupon codes at checkout when purchasing more than one visor:


Two 12x12 visors: "2A"

Three 12x12 visors: "3A"

Four 12x12 visors: "4A"

Five 12x12 visors: "5A"


Three 8.5x11 visors: "3B"

Four 8.5x11 visors: "4B"

Five 8.5x11 visors: "5B"


12x12 in or 8.5x11 in visor sheet

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  • How thick are the sheets?
    All sheets are between .010 and .015 so they are very flexible without being too thin. They are dark enough to hide the wearer's face.

    What are they made from?
    Depends on the shade you choose, but they're either PVC, acrylic or gel plastic.

    Does this include the actual visor or just the tint?
    The sheets are the actual visor material with mirrored tint attached to it. Just cut your specific visor dimensions and install.

    How should I cut and install these?
    A sharp pair of scissors will do and we recommend using 3D printed visor clips. You can get some from LToyCreations on Etsy.




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